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In Vitro Toxicology addresses the different protocols and methods of in vitro testing in detail, which can serve as an alternative to animal testing. This book highlights the usefulness of models and methods, as well as the cost-effectiveness and reproducibility of such methodologies. The current approaches and strategies required to develop an easy, reliable, validated and high throughput system for use in alternative animal models to circumvent in vivo testing are discussed in detail. This book also includes chapters on the principles involved, models that address the issues of safety, as well as regulatory acceptance of these methods. It discusses the current understandings and strategies for the identification of biomarkers in toxicity testing keeping in view the different molecular mechanisms such as stress response/cell signaling pathways involved in the toxicity. In Vitro Toxicology will be very beneficial to students and scientists in general and those involved in regulatory toxicology in particular.
ISBN 9780128046678
AUTEUR Alok Dhawan

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