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Jini technology, built on top of a Java software infrastructure, enables all types of digital devices to work together in a community organized without extensive planning or installation. In a Jini distributed system, Java programs interact spontaneously, enabling- services to join or leave the network with ease, and allowing clients to view and access available services with confidence. A Jini system can link office components such as printers, faxes, and desktop computers and homebased networks such as : entertainment systems, cars, smart houses, and personal computers. This book contains the formal specification for the Jini technology, an overview of the Jini architecture, and an introduction to the key concepts that are the source of the technology's simplicity and power. The formal specification provides the definitive description of every element of the Jini architecture, including detailed information on such topics as : Jini Discovery and Join protocols. Jini Entry usage and the Abstract Entry class. Jini Distributed Leasing concepts. Jini Distributed Event programming model. Jini Transaction model and semantics. Jini Lookup service and lookup attribute schema. Jini device architecture.
ISBN 9780201616347
AUTEUR Ann Wollrath

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Get this from a library! The Jini specifications. [Ken Arnold; Jim Waldo;] -- Annotation "This book contains the formal specification for the core Jini connection technology, as well as specifications for local helper utilities and remote helper services. It offers a review ...