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This Third Edition builds on the text's reputation as a straightforward, detailed, and authoritative presentation of quantitative methods for clinical trials. Readers will encounter the principles of design for various types of clinical trials, and are then skillfully guided through the complete process of planning the experiment, assembling a study cohort, assessing data, and reporting results. Throughout the process, the author alerts readers to problems that may arise during the course of the trial and provides common sense solutions. All stages of therapeutic development are discussed in detail, and the methods are not restricted to a single clinical application area. The author bases current revisions and updates on his own experience, classroom instruction, and feedback from teachers and medical and statistical professionals involved in clinical trials. The Third Edition greatly expands its coverage, ranging from statistical principles to new and provocative topics, including alternative medicine and ethics, middle development comparative studies, and adaptive designs. At the same time, it offers more pragmatic advice for issues such as selecting outcomes, sample size, analysis, reporting, and handling allegations of misconduct. Readers familiar with the First and Second Editions will discover revamped exercise sets, an updated and extensive reference section, new material on endpoints and the developmental pipeline, among others, and revisions of numerous sections. In addition, this book : - Features accessible and broad coverage of statistical design methods—the crucial building blocks of clinical trials and medical research—now complete with new chapters on overall development, middle development, comparative studies, and adaptive designs ; - Teaches readers to design clinical trials that produce valid qualitative results backed by rigorous statistical methods ; - Contains an introduction and summary in each chapter to reinforce key points ; - Includes discussion questions to stimulate critical thinking and help readers understand how they can apply their newfound knowledge ; - Provides extensive references to direct readers to the most recent literature ; - Includes numerous new or revised exercises throughout.
ISBN 9781118959206
AUTEUR Steven Piantadosi

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