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Python is well-known as a robust and elegant language, with support for both functional and object-oriented programming styles. When you choose to use Python, however, you get more than just a language-you also become part of an incredibly enthusiastic and supportive community of Python programmers who reach out to help each other learn and grow in their use of the language. Python Cookbook, 2nd Edition is just one tangible manifestation of that Python community. In it, you'll find practical solutions to many common Python programming problems. These solutions come from the community, from Python programmers who for many years have contributed to the online Python Cookbook hosted by ActiveState at These are battle-tested solutions; contributed, reviewed, enhanced, and now brought together in book form. Here is just a sampling of the many topic areas covered by the more than 300 recipes in this book: Searching and sorting, Web programming, Manipulating text, Network programming, Working with files, Processing XML, Object-oriented programming, Distributed programming, Multithreaded programming, Debugging and testing, System administration, Metaprogramming. Solutions in this book are organized by topic area. All of the chapters begin with introductions written by well-known Python luminaries such as: Facundo Batista, David Beazley, Donn Cave, Fred L. Drake, jr., Paul F. Dubois, Mark Hammond, Raymond Hettinger, jeremy Hylton, Fredrik Lunch, Mark Lutz, Andy McKay, Gustavo Niemeyer, Tim Peters, Paul Prescod, Aaron Watters, and Greg Wilson. This book is a treasure trove of useful code for all Python programmers, front novices to advanced practitioners. It's a gift, from the community to you. By purchasing this book, you are also giving back to the community: 25 percent of all royalties from this book are donated to the Python Software Foundation. The recipes in Python Cookbook, 2nd Edition were edited by Alex Martelli, also the author of Python in a Nutsbell; Anna Martelli Ravenscroft, an avid Python user and frequent conference speaker; and David Ascher of ActiveState, coauthor of Learning Python. The book contains a foreword by Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python.
ISBN 9780596007973
AUTEUR Alex Martelli

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正如 Python 3 代表未来一样,新的《Python Cookbook》版本相比较之前的版本有了一个全新的改变。 首先,也是最重要的,这意味着本书是一本非常前沿的参考书。书中所有代码都是在 Python 3.3 版本下面编写和测试的, 并没有考虑之前老版本的兼容性,也没有标注旧版本下的解决方案。这样子可能会有 ...