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Human-computer interaction (HCI) has long been a focal area for innovative, multidisciplinary computing research and development. At the dawn of a new millennium, it is time to ask where this increasingly important field is going. What are the critical technical challenges and opportunities that will define HCI work in the years to come? Mat are the approaches that will sustain and enhance the vitality and effectiveness of HCI? In what ways will HCI differ from what it is today? In this unique book, John M. Carroll, himself a prominent contributor to HCI understanding, presents answers to these questions from a number of leaders in the field. Half of the chapters are based on articles that first appeared in special issues of ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction and Human-Computer Interaction, revised and rewritten for a broader audience. The other half are original contributions, describing some of the latest work being done in HCI and providing a striking vision of the future. No single volume could cover the entire scope of HCI, but these selected writings will give you a good glimpse of the energy and creativity now driving HCI forward. Topics covered include:- The influence of the cognitive sciences on HCI- Usability engineering, including both measurement and design- Addressing interface concerns earlier in the development process; participatory design- New user interface software tools for speech and voice, immersive displays, and position-sensing controls- New interfaces and methodologies for supporting collaboration- Interfaces that support navigation through vast amounts of information- Situated computing and the integration of computers with real environments- Learner-centered design; community computing- Social and societal impacts.Whether you are a specialist in HCI, a software designer or developer, or simply a curious computer user, you will find here a wealth of interesting and stimulating ideas on the future of our interactions with computers.
ISBN 9780201704471
AUTEUR John-M Carroll

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