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It has been over a decade since the release of the now classic original edition of Murray's Mathematical Biology. Since then mathematical biology and medicine has grown at an astonishing rate and has established itself as a distinct discipline. Mathematical modelling is now being applied in every major discipline in the biomedical sciences. Though the field has become increasingly large and specialised, this book remains important as a text that introduces some of the exciting problems that arise in the biomedical sciences and gives some indication of the wide spectrum of questions that modelling can address. Due to the tremendous development in recent years, this new edition has grown and is being published in two volumes. This first volume is an introduction to the field. The mathematics mainly involves ordinary differential equations and is suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses at different levels. For this new edition, Murray covers certain items in depth, introducing new applications such as modelling marital interactions, temperature dependent sex determination and HIV dynamics. In other areas, he discusses basic modelling concepts and gives further references as needed. He also provides even closer links between models and experimental data throughout the text. This book provides a thorough training in practical mathematical biology and shows how exciting and new mathematical challenges can arise from a genuinely interdisciplinary involvement with the biosciences. It also shows how mathematics can contribute to biology and how physical scientists can get involved.
ISBN 9780387952239

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