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Two Volumes in the INTERNATIONAL GEOPHYSICS Series. Atmosphere-ocean dynamics, Adrian E. Gill : in this important new work, Dr. Gill provides a unified, comprehensive approach to the study of oceanic and atmospheric circulations. He explains how atmospheric and oceanic circulations are ultimately driven by solar energy and covers the study of observed distributions of physical quantities, including temperature. Concise treatments of basic hydrostatics and thermodynamics are also provided. This instructive work uses simple mathematical models to illustrate fundamental dynamical principles, enabling scholars from diverse disciplines to understand complex theory. Furthermore, the equations of state and dynamical equations are covered in detail, making this a self-contained text for those with advanced mathematical training. The extensive bibliography and index and the historical information included make this volume useful reading for researchers, as well as a valuable text for both undergraduate and graduate students in meteorology, oceanography, and geophysical fluid dynamics. An introduction to atmospheric radiation, Kuo-Nan Liou : this book presents and unifies the topics associated with the fundamentals of atmospheric radiation. Its level of presentation is such that advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the atmospheric sciences and researchers new to atmospheric radiation and remote sensing can understand the mathematics and fundamental laws that govern the radiation field of planetary atmospheres.
ISBN 9780122835223
AUTEUR Adrian Gill

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Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics deals with a systematic and unified approach to the dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere. The book reviews the relationship of the ocean-atmosphere and how this system functions. The text explains this system through radiative equilibrium models; the book also considers the greenhouse effect, the effects of convection and of horizontal gradients, and the variability ...