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Multigrid presents both an elementary introduction to multigrid methods for solving partial differential equations and a contemporary survey of advanced multigrid techniques. Multigrid methods are regarded as being the fastest numerical methods for the solution of elliptic partial differential equations, and as amongst the fastest methods for other types of partial differential equations and integral equations. These methods are invaluable to researchers in scientific disciplines including physics, chemistry, meteorology, fluid and structural mechanics, geology, biology, and all engineering subjects. They are also becoming increasingly important in economics and financial mathematics.• Provides a detailed description of the techniques of multigrid methods from a practical point of view.• Covers the whole field of multigrid methods, from introductory theory through to the most advanced applications.• Conveys 25 years of practical experience of the multigrid research group at the GMD-Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI) in Germany.Multigrid is aimed at multigrid practitioners, students and researchers who are interested in using multigrid methods in their work. The reader is assumed to have some background in numerical methods and in partial differential equations.
ISBN 9780127010700
AUTEUR Anton Schuller

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