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Part VI of Butterflies of the Neotropical Region represents the penultimate volume in the masterwork Butterflies of the World by Bernard D'Abrera. The final volume (Neotropical Part VII) dealing entirely with the Lycaenidae is now being prepared for publication in 1995, the photography of the plates having been completed early in 1993. Following these two works the author will be preparing the long-awaited revision of his Afrotropical Volume (1978) which revision with completely new colour separations, will be issued in two volumes. Scheduled to follow Afrotropical, will be Neotropical I, also with completely new separations supervised by the author. With the publication of this volume, the author has attempted to fill a large number of gaps with new descriptions and with accurate coloured plates not known at the time of Seitz and his contemporaries. However he has scanned collections, both public and private, and in many instances been forced to leave well alone many apparently undescribed taxa because of insufficient material or because of its indifferent quality. Although he has treated around 1200 species, he is quite aware that there probably remain another 100-150 taxa which need to be described and published sometime in the future. Nevertheless this volume remains the only one of its kind devoted to the Riodinidae, and notwithstanding its shortcomings will be of inestimable use to the serious lepidopterist.
ISBN 9780947352233
AUTEUR Bernard d' Abrera

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Les Riodinidae sont une famille de lépidoptères (papillons) diurnes de la super-famille des Papilionoidea Dénomination. La famille a été décrite par l'entomologiste américain Augustus Radcliffe Grote en 1895, sous le nom de Riodinidae. Nom vernaculaire. Riodinidé Taxinomie. Cette section a besoin d'être recyclée (3 février 2020). Motif : 2 listes à fusionner, et classification ...