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This rather unique book is a guided tour through number theory. While most introductions to number theory provide a systematic and exhaustive treatment of the subject, the authors have chosen instead to illustrate the many varied subjects by associating recent discoveries, interesting methods, and unsolved problems. In particular, we read about combinatorial problems in number theory, a branch of mathematics cofounded and popularised by Paul Erdos. Janos Suranyi's vast teaching experience successfully complements Paul Erdos's ability to initiate new directions of research by suggesting new problems and approaches. This book will surely grouse the interest of the student and the teacher alike. Until his death in 1996, Professor Paul Erdas was one of the most prolific mathematicians ever, publishing close to 1,500 papers. While his papers contributed to almost every area of mathematics, his main research interest was in the area of combinatories, graph theory, and number theory. He is most famous for proposing problems to the mathematical community that were exquisitely simple to understand yet difficult ta solve. He was awarded numerous prestigious prizes including the Frank Nelson Cole Prize of the AMS.
ISBN 9780387953205
AUTEUR Paul Erdos

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Sierpinski number. Seventeen or Bust; Niven's constant; Algebraic number theory. See list of algebraic number theory topics. Quadratic forms. Unimodular lattice; Fermat's theorem on sums of two squares. Proofs of Fermat's theorem on sums of two squares; L-functions. Riemann zeta function. Basel problem on ζ(2) Hurwitz zeta function; Bernoulli ...