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23 Photoshop 6 projects. Professional. Inspirational. Fully customizable. They're brought to you by a team of 10 artists who are among today's top Photoshop professionals. Photoshop 6 Effects Magic offers techniques ranging from retouching and compositing to painting techniques to designing with textures. And more. Just follow the steps. Take a look at the graphics. Check out the CD that includes all the files you need to work with the projects. Then make each one your own. Each New Riders Magic book has been created with you, the computer graphics professional, in mind. Complete effects, adaptable solutions, time saving techniques, and practical applications. Because computer technology books-like the souls who use them - aren't all alike. So whether you're porting your skill set to a new technology, honing your design chops, looking for a new way of doing an effect, or simply seeking creative advice, crack open a Magic book and get started...
ISBN 9780735710351
AUTEUR Rhoda Grossman

Photoshop 6 Effects Magic. With CD-ROM PDF. Découvrez de nouveaux livres avec Télécharger un livre Photoshop 6 Effects Magic. With CD-ROM en format PDF est plus facile que jamais.

In Photoshop 6 Effects Magic, a array of professionals illustrate the use of many of Photoshop 6's new features as well as basic techniques in a collection of over 20 tutorials. This book is not for freshmen Photoshop artists. It requires that you have a working knowledge of basic Photoshop tools, getting around the interface, and creating and editing Photoshop images. Spanning four sections ...